My name is Melanie de Bruijn. I am 35 years old and grew up in the southern Netherlands. Currently I am living in Weesp. About half of my life I'm studying human emotions and nature. I have never avoided the tough periods in life and have always found, and still find, it fascinating to discover new ways of dealing with life’s ups and downs. What I enjoy most is to find ways to make life easier and lighter, even when the circumstances are challenging. Read more...

My activities consist of

The coaching and therapy I offer consists of combinations of valuable elements. My ultimate goal is to help you gain awareness and deal with the obstacles you face.

Breathing is a fundamental need and plays a large role in getting rid of toxins in our body. With our breathing we can make a direct connection with ourselves, our body and our subconscious.

Do you want to nurture a good and healthy relationship with your children? Do you want to make your family, even more, a loving, relaxed and open place that also has boundaries?

Guidance for kids mainly consists of psychomotor therapy in which breathing techniques are an important part.

This is a workshop most suitable for employees, students, and teams that have high levels of personal contact with customers, colleagues or clients.

- How will you ever know what kind of dance you’re capable of dancing until you actually dance – Jeff Foster