Breathing session

Breathing is a fundamental need and plays a large role in getting rid of toxins in our body. With our breathing we can make a direct connection with ourselves, our body and our subconscious. There are many moments in which we fixate our breathing. For example, when we want to block an emotion or when we experience fear. Often this happens automaticly and unconsious since we were children. In the Western world we only use about thirty percent of our breathing capacity.

During a connected breathing session you will be invited to open, connect and relax your breathing pattern. The breath will be able to reach places in your body where you uncounsiously captured emotion, tension and old beliefs, to create more room. In this way the session will also have repercussions in your daily life.

You will, under guidance, breathe connected for 35 to 40 minutes. Afterwards, there is a relaxation phase where there is time to integrate what has emerged.