For children

Guidance for kids mainly consists of psychomotor therapy in which breathing techniques are an important part. Psychomotor therapy will be offered in a playful way with a focus on moving and playing. In this way the child will have a learning experience, directly and indirectly, that will integrate better than when only a verbal form would be offered.

The guidance will be offered in a gymnastics hall. In the psychomotor work form, among other things, we will touch on the following subjects: learning to communicate boundaries, learning to deal with a fear of failure, learning to deal with anxiety and with anger or sadness. These are topics where psychomotor therapy can be applied with good outcomes. Finally, there will be close contact about the process with the parents of the child to enable optimal integration at home and at school.

Costs are 65 euro per meeting. A meeting lasts 1 hour.

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Do you want to know if the treatment is covered by your health insurance? Check the website below under ‘Psychomotor therapy’.