Family guidance

Do you want to nurture a good and healthy relationship with your children? Do you want to make your family, even more, a loving, relaxed and open place that also has boundaries? As adults, and parents, we can be mindful of the influence that we have on the relationship with our children. We send our children out into the world with this relationship as their foundation. Shifting your behaviour as a parent can be invaluable to the development of your child and therefore the family as a whole.

There can be various questions, motives or triggers to seek family guidance. Oftentimes, I encounter fixed patterns of behaviour that both children and parents are not aware of. These patterns can have different causes and are sometimes even passed on for several generations. Consciously and subconsciously, these patterns can influence the way that each family member feels and behaves within the family. Family guidance supports parents who are looking for concrete tools to improve the interaction with their child. Family guidance also helps families who have gotten stuck and want to start a change process together. Maybe you notice that you are looking for ways to communicate with each other. Or maybe it seems like your child is distancing him or herself from you. Maybe your child is experiencing difficulties and you want to investigate which steps you can take as a parent. Family guidance is also helpful for parents who have an illness and want to improve their coping with that illness.

How does it work?

I start with an initial family meeting. Together we decide how this meeting is structured. From there, together we discuss and explore what works best for you. Starting from the first meeting, as a parent you will develop new skills and find new ways of dealing with certain situation in your family. All this from a positive starting point, looking at the qualities of the family.

Feel free to call me and discuss your specific situation.

Costs are 120 euro per meeting. A meeting lasts 1,5 hours.

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