Breath as a tool in the work environment

This is a workshop most suitable for employees, students, and teams that have high levels of personal contact with customers, colleagues or clients. Through this workshop, participants learn how to be more relaxed and how to adequately process their reactions into answers and action. This can have a immediate, positive effect on the quality of the interaction with customers, colleagues and clients. This workshop will provide clear and deep insights into yourself in a short period of time.

During the workshop, I take employees on a journey to become more aware of the following themes:

  • The Ego
  • Recognizing feelings of tension and associated reaction patterns
  • The interplay between the ego and these tensions
  • Actionable insights to tune into emotions and decrease tension to improve interactions and create more relaxation

The workshop will provide insight into how breathing can be used as a basis to connect more deeply with yourself and, from there, others around you. What you learn in this workshop can also be applied to the daily work of therapists and caretakers. Furthermore, the content of the workshop can easily be transferred to clients during treatment or therapy. Many clients experience the content as highly valuable. In this way the workshop provides guidance to both therapist and client. Lastly employees that work with customers via telephone can immediately apply insights from the workshop.

The workshop is interesting, interactive and can be given to groups both big and small. Feel free to contact me with any questions or want to discuss if you’re a right fit for this workshop.

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"Melanie’s workshop was very insightful and inspired me and the students. By experiencing what breathing can do to your body, such as increase or decrease your heart rate and tension in your muscles, we learned to influence our body with our breath. The workshop was very complete in that she also explained how tensions build up and how this relates to responses of the ego. The transfer of these insights to our daily work practice was very clear and that motivated us to start applying them immediately."

Martina de Witte, teacher and researcher, University of applied sciences - Arnhem en Nijmegen, University of Amsterdam